Wednesday, 21 March 2012

LadyBird Macro

Not really been up to much since my little adventure back in Northumberland. Been concentrating on designing a magazine for my uni work, however I have been spending a lot of time with the local lady birds. On my way in to Penrith, down the coast to coast route I noticed a large cluster of them on a fence post. The hibernation period has came to an end it seems. After my walk, it was time to grab the macro lens and head back down to the spot and see what I could get. After a good hour of my knees sinking in the soft muddy grass, I wandered back to campus to see how the images looked on my mac. a good scroll through about 150 images, I realised I need to work harder on the macro skills. Some of the focus points I thought I had good detail on the camera obviously didn't agree when processing. I did however intend on some images to be as soft as possible, to try and get a tranquil effect, like the one above.

Playing around with macro has made me want to concentrate a lot more time on this style to see what effects I can achieve and results of it.

Getting the light right is going to one main focus, i have found some of my images the harshness of the light has a bad effect on them. Maybe carrying a small piece of tissue paper with me to diffuse this could help.

The one thing I love about macro is the depth of field you get in your images, the soft, smooth textures of colour's that blend together 

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