Sunday, 22 January 2012

West Cumbria

Started today with a trip to the West of Cumbria, a revisit to Siddick Ponds. On arrival I gave a quick scan of the waters in hope for the sighting of the Otter again, however no joys this time. Walking around the ponds there was a fair selection of birds on the water, Goosander, Greylag, Mute, Whooper, Cormorant, Mallard and a mixture of Tit's within the bordering thicket bushes. I wandered around the area for a while still in search for the Otter and Bittern. No sightings today. On my way back to Penrith I called into a spot to explore a "hidden gem". A fair few sighting from a few days earlier proved this place to be special for wildlife. A mixture of habitats available to help everything form Barn Owls to Deer. Barn Owls could be seen in the distance doing there daily hunt, and Roe Deer barking from the woods to right of me. On exploring the area i didn't imagine the place to be so vast. Walking through the woods seemed to never ending, however worth it. Buzzards populated the skies with their calls, and the deer could be heard more closer.  It turned out to be a right mission, getting lost in the woods, losing my mates, which later it turned out that leaving the group was for a good cause, Emily's little adventure stalking the doe Roe Deer.
A great spot, definitely making more time available to come back and maybe set up a hide/camp overnight.

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